Lipstick & Lip Balm
Silicone Mold Lipstick Production Line

Silicone Mold Lipstick Production Line


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Silicone Mold Lipstick Production Line



3,975mm (L) x 1,997mm (W) x 2,034mm(H)

Power Source

ØAC220, 3ØAC380

Air Pressure



1.5 molds / min.

(Subject to the product shapes, sizes, specifications and raw material properties.)


It’s a combined production line for making silicone mold lipstick / lip balm that consists of a single-nozzle lipstick filling machine, cooling machine, 24-cavity silicone mold releasing machine and conveyor for empty molds returning and pre-heating.

Target Products:

Silicone Mold Lipstick, Lip Balm

Machine Features

This machine process is designed especially for the production of silicone mold lipsticks, with metallic molds can be applicable also. When metallic molds are substituted with silicone molds, more diversified lipstick shapes and patterns can be produced, and both soft plain cream and raw material with glitters or pearl-luster are applicable, the surface of the finished lipstick is uniform and even, without joint line from the traditional metallic molds.  


24 tubes per mold. Feed with a single-nozzle filling machine. Manual scraping of excess lipstick cream.


With optional silicone molds holder pre-heating and post-feeding heating devices for a better compact lipstick molding.


The 20-liter pressuring and heating double-shell tank is with PID temperature control with a tolerance of +/- 0.5oC and a stirring speed regulator. Double tanks are available when requested.


The switching valve is made of special material and driven by rotating cylinder, with precise match, smooth surface, low expansion coefficient, it works smoothly and remains a perfect sealing-up when heated. This solved the problem of the stainless steel valve which tends to get stuck easily when heated due to its high expansion coefficient.


The silicone molds serve a long time.


24 tubes are released at one time automatically.


With the cold-blast air blows upward towards the silicone molds for shortening the cooling time, the cooling machine is with auto-defrost function and its conveyor running speed is adjustable for controlling the cooling time.