Mascara & Lip Gloss
Full Automatic Double Nozzle Filling Machine

Full Automatic Double Nozzle Filling Machine

Model No.:



 Full Automatic Double-nozzle Filling Machine



 1,400mm (L) x 2,050mm (W) x 2,150mm(H)

Power Source


Air Pressure



 40-50 pcs / min.


 This machine can be used for cool or hot filling of fixed quantity and different  viscosity material to containers. Firstly, The bottle is loaded manually and the filling and bottle shaking are carried out by the machine, then when the  brush is inserted by hand, the cap screwing and finished products discharging  will be executed automatically. With changing the jigs, containers of varied sizes  can be applied.

Target Products:

 Cream, Lotion, Mascara, Liquid Eye Liner, Lip Gloss, Toner and so on.

Machine Features


 All of the machine parts are from world famous brand to guarantee a  strong running stability. With a turn table applied, the machine is  compact designed to save up room and increase the capacity for a  GMP workshop.


 With a 22-liter pressuring and heating double-shell tank, cool, hot or  force filling are optional for this machine. The tank discharge opening  is united with the switch pump by a stainless steel hygiene joint up to  SUS304 standard. Its easy for color changing and cleaning. When hot  filling mode is chosen, the heating temperature and stirring speed are  regulable, the temperature is with PID control with a tolerance of  +/-0.5oC.


 With simple structure and high precision, the piston filling system is  easy for installation, regulating and cleaning. Its driven by servo-motor  and electric sliding table that features in high stability and long service  life.


 Fill-up is decided by the piston stroke, there are 4 fill-up options:  25ml50ml75ml100ml. And the tolerance is +/-0.05g.


 The switching valve is made of special material and driven by rotating  cylinder, with precise match, smooth surface, low expansion coefficient,  it works smoothly and remains a perfect sealing-up when heated. This  solved the problem of the stainless steel valve which tends to get stuck  easily when heated due to its high expansivity.


 With photoelectric detection, the filling will be stopped when there is no  bottle placed on the station properly. The turn table is with memory and  auto-stop function, the memory function enables the machine skip the  following process for those empty stations. Under auto mode, the  machine still carries out the rest process when the auto-stop button is  pressed due to the memory function of the turntable. So does it when  power cut and then resume.