Multi-color Liquid Powder Filling Machine

Multi-color Liquid Powder Filling Machine


Machine Video URL:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fKuuhYGafWI


Model No.:



 Multi-color Liquid Powder Filling Machine



 2,300mm (L) x 770mm (W) x 1,810mm(H)

Power Source:


Air Pressure:



 4-6 moulds / min. 2 pcs / mould.


 The main working process of the machine includes liquid powder feeding and pressing. Firstly,  the powder is mixed with solvent and stirred evenly in the cone-shaped tanks and  fed to each  tray cell respectively by piston-pusher, then pressed to finished product. The machine is safe and  easy to handle and only one operator is needed.

Target Products:

 Fancy / Non-fancy Multi-color Eye Shadow or Blush with / without pearl shine and so on.

Machine Features:

 Improvement has been made on the structure and stability of the transmission mechanism to  enhance the production efficiency.


 The maximum feeding area is up to 90mm*140mm.(traditionally it’s 70mm*70mm).


 Automatic suction Jig design reduces the liquid powder feeding deviation and defective  rate.


 The tanks are integrated with pushers, which shortens the movement to enhance the  feeding speed and is applicable for high viscosity liquid powders. This patented design  solved the inner leaking problem and only low viscosity liquid powder is applicable for  the traditional powder feeding mechanism.


 Cone-shaped Tanks with 3 direct links sloved the problems of the

 flat-bottomed ones for the feeding failure caused by insufficient remaining

 liquid powder, low feeding speed and slow powder replacement.


 With optional numbers, the rotating straight line feeding piston cylinders are applied for  easy operating and regulating, leakproofness, less feeding pressure loss to stable the  products quality.


 Vacuum pump is supplemented to assist the powder feeding, which helps to

 enhance the products quality and saves energy with lower noise.


 Double switch design of the feeding and mould avoids powder suck-back and vaccum in  the feeding pipes.